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Holistic Psychology, Coaching, Motivation, Inspiration and Freelance Writing.

In an ever changing society, it is important to keep in touch with what is truly important in life. You are not what you own nor your position in society. You are a human being with a soul, like all others, walking along a path on this journey called life. Hopefully, this blog can be of some support. You do not have to struggle alone along this path.



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Tags: venerina conti

45 day juice fast

The Health Kick journey continues ... This is an update ... more »
  07/13/13 07:47:00 pm , by admin   , 1764 views, Welcome,

30 days into a juice fast

Greetings beautiful people of the world, I'm sad to say that my transformation challenge ended just after beginning. Due to other work committments, I lost my personal trainer just weeks into the program. I never received a nutritional program and now m… more »
  07/03/13 07:50:00 pm , by admin   , 571 views, Welcome,

First session ...

Well, I had to postpone the start of my challenge due to catching hand, foot and mouth (not to be confused with foot and mouth) and impetigo. Apparently, there is an epidemic here in Spain this year of the former although both are very rare in adults.… more »
  04/07/13 01:40:22 pm , by admin   , 2147 views, Welcome,

The iTalkFM challenge has been launched

?If I was your age and your size, I?d take the stairs. I wouldn?t use an elevator to go up one floor. I?d be keeping fit? is what a little old lady said to me, in an elevator encounter, a few weeks after I fell 200 meters off a mountain whilst… more »
  04/01/13 04:04:08 pm , by admin   , 697 views, Welcome,

My New Radio Show

TODAY @ 2pm in Spain … 1 pm UK …. I’ll be hosting “We the People” … a brand new show on iTalk Radio that brings conspiracy (or an alternative truth) into the mainstream media! The topic of the day … The… more »
  02/09/13 10:14:25 am , by admin   , 959 views, Welcome,

A very happy 2013 to you all out there!

As 2012 closes and 2013 begins, I’d like everyone to take a moment to reflect on what has been and what could be in the future. 2012 was a hard year for nearly everyone I know. Many loved ones passed away, many people lost their jobs, many were… more »
  12/31/12 04:42:03 pm , by admin   , 1170 views, Welcome,

The Journey Inward - Episode 2

Journey Inward
Contemplating life, existence and the spiritual journey we all take. This week on The Journey Inward we discuss Fear, the emotion that stops us all from becoming who we really are. What is fear? Why is this emotion such a major component in our lives,… more »
  05/21/12 08:40:16 am , by admin   , 1823 views, Welcome,

The Journey Inward Podcast - Episode No. 1

The Mind Set Central New Podcast … The Journey Inward After the launch of my book … came a new Mind Set Central Show … The Journey Inward … Gareth and I discuss how each and every one of us can discover who we are and how we… more »
  05/19/12 07:16:16 pm , by admin   , 1052 views, Welcome,

Detox - Mind, Body and Soul

Good afternoon… on request of a friend, I am starting a support space in my Facebook group: - Mind, Body and Soul - for people who wish to join me on a general health kick and all systems detox. Maybe, we can all inspire and support each other,… more »
  01/20/12 02:20:27 pm , by admin   , 1898 views, Welcome,

Change is on the Horizon

Every end of year, I stop for a moment to look back and reflect on what?s happened throughout the year. Based on what has been, I try to make a prediction for what lays ahead in the new coming year. Of course, nobody can predict the future, but if we… more »
  01/06/12 12:06:48 pm , by admin   , 1318 views, Welcome,

Mindset Central Podcast No. 88

Here it is … Your Sunday edition of the Mindset Central Podcast. The Mindset Central Weekly podcast If you haven’t yet joined us on Facebook, then please do. Share your thoughts, stories, opinions and truths with us at: The Mindset… more »
  11/27/11 04:40:12 pm , by admin   , 973 views, Welcome,

Mind Set Central Podcast No. 77

Mind Set Central Podcast No. 77 The boys invited me back to one of their round table discussion and boy oh boy, what a discussion it turned out to be! Clones, HAARP, Iran, lies … You name it, we talked about it! more »
  09/04/11 05:30:05 pm , by admin   , 1536 views, Welcome,

HAARP, the Euro and the shootings in Norway.

I heard someone say today: ?Not everything is a conspiracy.? I totally agree. Just like I have to say that not every conspiracy theorist is a crackpot crazy person! It?s so true, everything is not about conspiracy. However, there are some times… more »
  08/29/11 01:48:52 pm , by admin   , 1206 views, Welcome,

Mind Set Central Podcast - Dreams Part 2

After having the honour to be a part of Mind Set Central’s Broadcast last week, I had the privilege of being invited back this week. WOW! What a show! A great team and another great conversation. Thank you! Check it out!!!… more »
  08/14/11 07:13:12 pm , by admin   , 1289 views, Welcome,

Success is ... Living Well

  07/07/11 06:41:59 pm , by admin   , 1277 views, Welcome,

Vaccines and Autism

After recently reposting an article about Gardasil and its effects on young girls and boys, a friend asked me whether I could write something about the relationship between vaccines and autism. I?m not sure that I am qualified enough to talk about… more »
  29/06/11 05:52:37 pm , by admin   , 2259 views, Welcome,

The world we live in.

BOOM! Silence! It?s all over! There?s nothing but dust rising from the ground. The stench of burning flesh mixed with blood would be smelt everywhere should there be anyone left to smell it. The sky would be so filled with smoke that… more »
  09/06/11 03:40:24 pm , by admin   , 2597 views, Welcome,

Ignorance is not bliss!

Ignorance is an ugly thing. It’s like a big black stain on a beautiful white gown. It’s that permanent blackhead on the end of our nose that comes in many shapes and sizes and just keeps growing; the less we open our minds. When I talk… more »
  18/04/11 07:37:58 pm , by admin   , 3054 views, Welcome,

Don't Shout!

Often in life people shout at others for no apparent reason what so ever other than their own insecurities and frustrations. These could be anything from feelings of low self-esteem: ?I?m not good enough?, ?I?ll never make it? and so on; to… more »
  19/12/10 06:44:24 pm , by admin   , 4636 views, Welcome,

Cyclothymia. What it is and how to deal with it.

When a friend contacted me; asking me to investigate Cyclothymia, I had no idea what to expect. I?d vaguely heard of the condition and knew it related to a mood disorder; comprising highs and lows, but I never appreciated the severity of its symptoms,… more »
  08/09/10 05:42:44 pm , by admin   , 8133 views, Welcome,

Where have all the good men gone?

I?ll see you in 6 months were the last parting words we said as we looked into each other?s eyes one last time; before we kissed and went our own separate ways at Dubai airport. I watched him as he walked off towards the boarding gate that took him… more »
  11/13/09 03:00:16 pm , by admin   , 1600 views, Welcome,

Your help is Needed

As you all know, I spent 6 weeks in Nepal recently. It was a very heart-warming and moving experience for me. It’s one that I shall never forget and one that, health permitting, I hope to repeat in the near future. While I was there I met very… more »
  10/11/09 12:01:45 pm , by admin   , 1902 views, Welcome,

Still here!

Well folks, what can I say? My prediction for 2008 wasn’t wrong! It has been a hectic year so far. Unfortunately, there were some set-backs with the opening the Holistic retreat. The Italian government collpased. Then, there was a long wait… more »
  30/10/08 03:41:48 pm , by admin   , 2821 views, Welcome,


Hello and welcome to my new blog. It’s been an uphill struggle but with plenty of help from my hosting provider and especially Uncle Bj over at, I’ve finally brought my blog home! You will find old posts and new… more »
  17/01/08 05:12:05 pm , by admin   , 5570 views, Welcome,