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Holistic Psychology, Coaching, Motivation, Inspiration and Freelance Writing.

In an ever changing society, it is important to keep in touch with what is truly important in life. You are not what you own nor your position in society. You are a human being with a soul, like all others, walking along a path on this journey called life. Hopefully, this blog can be of some support. You do not have to struggle alone along this path.



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Category: "Welcome"

Don't want refugees? ... It's very simple ...

Beautiful peeps of the world. What I?m about to say today may offend the sensibilities of some, but this is not my intention. My intention is to, hopefully, awaken you to see events taking place in the world in a different light. I would like you to… more »
  09/07/15 06:47:00 am , by admin   , 5309 views, Welcome,

Why do people go to Psychics? Mediums and Tarot Readers?

When people seek divination, it?s usually because they?ve reached the end of their tether and have nowhere else to go and no-one else to turn to. Or, perhaps they do have somewhere and someone to turn to but they just don?t trust their opinions;… more »
  07/03/15 07:22:00 pm , by admin   , 748 views, Welcome,


I don?t consider myself to be a religious person. I was brought up a Catholic and I was lead to believe that catholicism is the only right way in this world. Then, through family ties, I encountered Islam, that also claimed to be the only way of this… more »
  06/27/15 08:33:00 pm , by admin   , 533 views, Welcome,

Being in a wheelchair

Ever since I was of an age to really understand, I?ve always had the utmost respect for people in wheelchairs. I?ve sympathised with their predicament but I don?t think I?ve ever fully understood it until now. In 1996 or 1997, one of my University… more »
  06/25/15 07:11:00 pm , by admin   , 415 views, Welcome,

Why do we auto-destruct?

So, someone asks why we continue to carry out repetitive destructive behaviour even when we are pretty well informed about the negative effects this behaviour can have on our lives and especially when we know this behaviour can compromise our health. My… more »
  06/23/15 08:20:00 pm , by admin   , 442 views, Welcome,

Loss and Love - Reflections

It?s coming up to another end of year and, as per every year, albeit this year a little earlier than usual for some unknown reason, I start to evaluate everything that has happened and everything that, potentially, is yet to come - not only with… more »
  10/20/14 05:59:00 pm , by admin   , 1831 views, Welcome,

Be Kind to one another ....

If we want to live in peace, we have to be that peace ... more »
  08/20/14 06:52:00 pm , by admin   , 875 views, Welcome,

Happy Women's Day to every woman, girl, child and baby around the world.

To all the beautiful ladies around the world, It's not easy being a woman nowadays. So much pressure is put upon us to be one way or another, to behave one way or another, to look one way or another. We're given false illusions of what beauty truly is.… more »
  03/08/14 05:13:00 pm , by admin   , 1184 views, Welcome,

45 day juice fast

The Health Kick journey continues ... This is an update ... more »
  07/13/13 07:47:00 pm , by admin   , 1818 views, Welcome,

30 days into a juice fast

Greetings beautiful people of the world, I'm sad to say that my transformation challenge ended just after beginning. Due to other work committments, I lost my personal trainer just weeks into the program. I never received a nutritional program and now m… more »
  07/03/13 07:50:00 pm , by admin   , 622 views, Welcome,

First session ...

Well, I had to postpone the start of my challenge due to catching hand, foot and mouth (not to be confused with foot and mouth) and impetigo. Apparently, there is an epidemic here in Spain this year of the former although both are very rare in adults.… more »
  04/07/13 01:40:22 pm , by admin   , 2281 views, Welcome,

Can you help?

There is a little girl who needs help … not financial … but knowledge Have you or has anyone you know any clue what the symptoms of this little girl might be? Can anyone help to diagnose her condition … Please look at her website… more »
  04/05/13 10:58:14 am , by admin   , 516 views, Welcome,

My "Transformation Challenge" Team

My Therapist - Christine Anne Platel Her website: - Conscious Connections Chris is trained in a number of Alternative and Complementary Health and Well-Being Practices including Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Holographic… more »
  04/03/13 12:38:00 pm , by admin   , 1025 views, Welcome,

The iTalkFM challenge has been launched

?If I was your age and your size, I?d take the stairs. I wouldn?t use an elevator to go up one floor. I?d be keeping fit? is what a little old lady said to me, in an elevator encounter, a few weeks after I fell 200 meters off a mountain whilst… more »
  04/01/13 04:04:08 pm , by admin   , 748 views, Welcome,

We the People - Radio Show

Click here …. for …. We the People, my new radio show … now available online - 1. more »
  02/17/13 05:23:52 pm , by admin   , 1308 views, Welcome,

My New Radio Show

TODAY @ 2pm in Spain … 1 pm UK …. I’ll be hosting “We the People” … a brand new show on iTalk Radio that brings conspiracy (or an alternative truth) into the mainstream media! The topic of the day … The… more »
  02/09/13 10:14:25 am , by admin   , 1089 views, Welcome,

A very happy 2013 to you all out there!

As 2012 closes and 2013 begins, I’d like everyone to take a moment to reflect on what has been and what could be in the future. 2012 was a hard year for nearly everyone I know. Many loved ones passed away, many people lost their jobs, many were… more »
  12/31/12 04:42:03 pm , by admin   , 1229 views, Welcome,

Mind Set Podcast 109

Here it is … Another episode of the Mind set Central podcast! Some of the topics discussed on the show this week: Florida Military Maneuvers An Olympic Rant UK ? Fine for not voting EU ? RFID implants Canadian Protest Ban Protest… more »
  05/27/12 04:34:28 pm , by admin   , 5725 views, Welcome,

The Journey Inward - Episode 2

Journey Inward
Contemplating life, existence and the spiritual journey we all take. This week on The Journey Inward we discuss Fear, the emotion that stops us all from becoming who we really are. What is fear? Why is this emotion such a major component in our lives,… more »
  05/21/12 08:40:16 am , by admin   , 1875 views, Welcome,

The Journey Inward Podcast - Episode No. 1

The Mind Set Central New Podcast … The Journey Inward After the launch of my book … came a new Mind Set Central Show … The Journey Inward … Gareth and I discuss how each and every one of us can discover who we are and how we… more »
  05/19/12 07:16:16 pm , by admin   , 1118 views, Welcome,

Life can be rebooted!

It?s been a while! And, well … life certainly has taken a different turn for me. After 10 years of living on paradise island, working 6 days a week 12 hours a day and squeezing in a million hobbies, I find myself in Spain with no fixed abode,… more »
  05/11/12 11:58:13 am , by admin   , 1745 views, Welcome,

Mind Set Central Podcast 94

The Mind Set Central Podcast 94 Hey, we?re still online! I guess we should talk about the SOPA aftermath, and we do, along with a whole lot more controversial and topical issues riding the worlds meidia! Veneriana?s New Book Can be found Here.… more »
  01/22/12 05:05:56 pm , by admin   , 3132 views, Welcome,

Detox - Mind, Body and Soul

Good afternoon… on request of a friend, I am starting a support space in my Facebook group: - Mind, Body and Soul - for people who wish to join me on a general health kick and all systems detox. Maybe, we can all inspire and support each other,… more »
  01/20/12 02:20:27 pm , by admin   , 1960 views, Welcome,

On Sale Now!

On Sale Now!
The Power to Transform is Yours! 99% of the time, what we believe is the product of other people’s beliefs. Our entire belief system is based on beliefs our families have, the type of education we receive, the culture we find ourselves immersed… more »
  01/17/12 06:37:02 pm , by admin   , 806 views, Welcome,

Mind Set Central Podcast 93

The Mind Set Central Podcast 93 Let the controversy begin! Episode 93 or the Mind Set Podcast is hot, really hot! The topics tackled on this weeks show are sure to raise the blood pressure of any listener, well at least the human ones. Topics of… more »
  01/15/12 05:34:28 pm , by admin   , 947 views, Welcome,

Mind Set Central Podcast 92

After our break for the holidays, we’re back with the first Mind Set Central podcast of the year…. and boy oh boy … did we delve into some serious issues … Happy 2012 to all our listeners! Thank you for your support in 2011. We… more »
  01/08/12 04:39:43 pm , by admin   , 1701 views, Welcome,

Change is on the Horizon

Every end of year, I stop for a moment to look back and reflect on what?s happened throughout the year. Based on what has been, I try to make a prediction for what lays ahead in the new coming year. Of course, nobody can predict the future, but if we… more »
  01/06/12 12:06:48 pm , by admin   , 1362 views, Welcome,

The Power to Transform is Yours: Be your best friend, not your worst enemy!

The Power to Transform is Yours: Be your best friend, not your worst enemy!
I’ve finally done it! My book “The Power to transform is yours: Be your best friend, not your worst enemy” will be released by the end of January/ beginning of february. Here’s a sneak preview! :-) more »
  12/29/11 05:12:44 pm , by admin   , 792 views, Welcome,

Mind Set Central Podcast No.91

Mind Set Central Podcast No.91 Seasons Greetings to one and all, we we launch into out Holiday special and final show of 2011! Once again the controversial topics rise up and haunt this Christmas time, but ultimately a splendid time was had by all!… more »
  12/29/11 05:00:04 pm , by admin   , 754 views, Welcome,

The Mind Set Central Podcast 90

The Mind Set Central Podcast 90 Oh no we?re at it again? Another highly charged controversial show hits the podcasting airwaves with The Mind Set Podcast 90! Topics discussed this week include: Alex Apology ? explanation Language Internet… more »
  12/11/11 05:00:53 pm , by admin   , 999 views, Welcome,

Mind Set Central Podcast No.89

Here it is … another episode of the Mind Set Central Podcast. Your Sunday alternative to the mainstream media! Podcast Episode 89 L.A. Wind Storm Occupy LA ? End? Public vs private land and Occupy Iran shoots down a drone China and Iran… more »
  12/04/11 05:35:33 pm , by admin   , 943 views, Welcome,

Mindset Central Podcast No. 88

Here it is … Your Sunday edition of the Mindset Central Podcast. The Mindset Central Weekly podcast If you haven’t yet joined us on Facebook, then please do. Share your thoughts, stories, opinions and truths with us at: The Mindset… more »
  11/27/11 04:40:12 pm , by admin   , 1027 views, Welcome,

Mind set Central Podcast No.85

Here it is … ladies and gentleman … Episode 85 of the Mind Set Central Podcast ?Twas the night before Halloween? While this episode is not really a Halloween special, in many ways it is. To understand what I mean, you?re just going… more »
  10/30/11 05:27:19 pm , by admin   , 1508 views, Welcome,

The Mind Set Central Podcast Episode 84

The Mind Set Central Podcast Episode 84 America, a cancer? Clinton and Gaddafi laugh World Oil ownership Soldiers going home from mid-east Gaddafi, Alive or dead? Peace and war ? design? Obama Peace Prize Norway Terrorist Occupy Arrests… more »
  10/23/11 04:57:53 pm , by admin   , 1207 views, Welcome,

The Mind Set Central Podcast Episode 84

The Mind Set Central Podcast Episode 84 America, a cancer? Clinton and Gaddafi laugh World Oil ownership Soldiers going home from mid-east Gaddafi, Alive or dead? Peace and war ? design? Obama Peace Prize Norway Terrorist Occupy Arrests… more »
  10/23/11 04:57:07 pm , by admin   , 396 views, Welcome,

Mind Set Central Podcast No.82

Mind Set Central Podcast No. 82 Another Mind Set Podcast screams on to the internets with controversial topics galore! Topics that are sure to get your brain juices flowing, and discussed in depth this week are: The Weather ? Strange? World Wide… more »
  10/10/11 12:58:42 am , by admin   , 1802 views, Welcome,

Mind Set Central Podcast No. 81 Another amazing show with a lot of coverage … From London to occupied Autonomous region of Tibet … From New York to China … more »
  10/03/11 12:26:09 am , by admin   , 1081 views, Welcome,

Two wrongs don't make a right!

Physically, we?re all built the same way. Physiologically, we all function the same way. We all experience emotions the same way; when we?re happy we smile, when we?re sad we cry. We?re all fighting to survive in this crazy topsy turvy world.… more »
  09/27/11 12:59:24 pm , by admin   , 1880 views, Welcome,

Mind Set Central Podcast No. 77

Mind Set Central Podcast No. 77 The boys invited me back to one of their round table discussion and boy oh boy, what a discussion it turned out to be! Clones, HAARP, Iran, lies … You name it, we talked about it! more »
  09/04/11 05:30:05 pm , by admin   , 1601 views, Welcome,

HAARP, the Euro and the shootings in Norway.

I heard someone say today: ?Not everything is a conspiracy.? I totally agree. Just like I have to say that not every conspiracy theorist is a crackpot crazy person! It?s so true, everything is not about conspiracy. However, there are some times… more »
  08/29/11 01:48:52 pm , by admin   , 1290 views, Welcome,

Mind Set Central

I’m honoured to say that I’ve officially been given a warm blanket and a comfy cabin to voice my rantings - An especially big thank you to Gareth and Alex for welcoming me “home” and into the team aboard the Mind Set Central… more »
  08/23/11 03:17:43 pm , by admin   , 1680 views, Welcome,

Nuclear Testing and Climate Change

I love a doubting Thomas. I feed off people who doubt me and anything I say. Call it masochistic but I get a real kick out of people who just shoot off at the mouth and imply I don?t know what I?m doing or what I?m talking about. I?m sure… more »
  08/22/11 03:57:26 am , by admin   , 1703 views, Welcome,

Mind Set Central Podcast - Dreams Part 2

After having the honour to be a part of Mind Set Central’s Broadcast last week, I had the privilege of being invited back this week. WOW! What a show! A great team and another great conversation. Thank you! Check it out!!!… more »
  08/14/11 07:13:12 pm , by admin   , 1341 views, Welcome,

Mind Set Central Podcast - Dreams

Well, ladies and gentleman … Today was a really exciting day for me. I was invited to partake in the Mind Set Central Podcast about Dreams. It was a really great discussion with lots of ideas bounced backwards and forwards. Great team, great… more »
  08/08/11 02:58:20 am , by admin   , 866 views, Welcome,

The world has to change (Part 1)

When I decided to become a Buddhist, aside from the fundamental vows I took, I took certain other ?extra? vows as part of a demonstration of my dedication to Buddhism and its philosophy. Essentially, I vowed to always try and live my life with the… more »
  08/03/11 06:20:38 pm , by admin   , 2484 views, Welcome,

Parasites, Cancer and Chemtrails

I saw a very interesting article today on Facebook about Cancer and the possibility that it?s caused by the evolution of a new parasitic species that has taken up residence inside our bodies. Apparently, and according to the article in question,… more »
  29/07/11 05:56:00 pm , by admin   , 2319 views, Welcome,

Success is ... Living Well

  07/07/11 06:41:59 pm , by admin   , 1345 views, Welcome,

Vaccines and Autism

After recently reposting an article about Gardasil and its effects on young girls and boys, a friend asked me whether I could write something about the relationship between vaccines and autism. I?m not sure that I am qualified enough to talk about… more »
  29/06/11 05:52:37 pm , by admin   , 2302 views, Welcome,

Freedom? - What freedom?

As you all know, I am not political in any way … but when I look at world news, I feel that the art of conversation is dead and that when people can?t be bent at will to a will, brute force is the means used to try and enforce and re-vindicate.… more »
  20/06/11 01:45:54 am , by admin   , 2147 views, Welcome,

The world we live in.

BOOM! Silence! It?s all over! There?s nothing but dust rising from the ground. The stench of burning flesh mixed with blood would be smelt everywhere should there be anyone left to smell it. The sky would be so filled with smoke that… more »
  09/06/11 03:40:24 pm , by admin   , 2650 views, Welcome,

Ignorance is not bliss!

Ignorance is an ugly thing. It’s like a big black stain on a beautiful white gown. It’s that permanent blackhead on the end of our nose that comes in many shapes and sizes and just keeps growing; the less we open our minds. When I talk… more »
  18/04/11 07:37:58 pm , by admin   , 3162 views, Welcome,

Don't Shout!

Often in life people shout at others for no apparent reason what so ever other than their own insecurities and frustrations. These could be anything from feelings of low self-esteem: ?I?m not good enough?, ?I?ll never make it? and so on; to… more »
  19/12/10 06:44:24 pm , by admin   , 4689 views, Welcome,

Cyclothymia. What it is and how to deal with it.

When a friend contacted me; asking me to investigate Cyclothymia, I had no idea what to expect. I?d vaguely heard of the condition and knew it related to a mood disorder; comprising highs and lows, but I never appreciated the severity of its symptoms,… more »
  08/09/10 05:42:44 pm , by admin   , 8228 views, Welcome,

A false claim to cure cancer!

Just recently I was asked, by a very dear friend, to research the relationship between certain health products on the market and their benefits in healing or helping with the healing process of cancer. The company in question, which shall remain… more »
  08/09/10 02:09:52 pm , by admin   , 2101 views, Welcome,

Cancer and Massage or Aroma-Massage

Just recently there has been some controversy surrounding cancer and the pros and cons of massage and aromatherapy for oncology patients. Since this is an area I will, hopefully, be shortly moving into as a volunteer, I have been doing some research… more »
  08/09/10 01:12:19 pm , by admin   , 2285 views, Welcome,

My cage has been rattled!

Ok, my cage has been rattled and, as those of you who know me know, when my cage is rattled, I don?t get angry but I do start to kind of choke on sparkles of fire drops, and then I find it very difficult to be quiet. So, here I am with another… more »
  09/08/10 10:39:28 am , by admin   , 3273 views, Welcome,

Love ...

Just lately I have read and heard so many negative and positive things about love, it reminded me of an article I wrote many years ago. In the article, I described love as an abstract concept; something intangible - an emotion or a feeling we… more »
  09/08/10 02:37:16 am , by admin   , 1986 views, Welcome,

Transpersonal Psychology

Transpersonal psychology is a relatively new science that emerged in the late 1960s. It emerged from the psychological schools of behaviourism, humanism and psychoanalysis in a bid to explain what couldn?t be explained by conventional means. The… more »
  31/05/10 04:26:30 pm , by admin   , 4004 views, Welcome,

Creativity, Healing and Meditation

Creativity and Healing abilities can be a lifelong journey of discovery and a step by step progressive growth over the decades. They change with age and spiritual maturity. Creativity and healing can only happen when a person is ready, open and wants… more »
  31/05/10 02:51:10 pm , by admin   , 2407 views, Welcome,

Labels & Self Descriptors

Labels reflect a person?s life, the way they?ve chosen to live it and the beliefs they have. They are born of a person?s history and experiences. They tell us something about who they were and who they?ve become today. They also give us clues… more »
  31/05/10 12:20:45 pm , by admin   , 3224 views, Welcome,

Transpersonal Psychology and Crisis Intervention

?I?m going to die? She cried compulsively as she buried her head into my shoulder; trying to remember the details of what happened the day she left all her belongings behind in her house. I put my arms around her and kissed her head in silence.… more »
  31/05/10 12:16:58 pm , by admin   , 3435 views, Welcome,

Tears reflected in someone else's eyes

Someone once wrote that God never gives us more pain than we can handle. I guess what is meant by that phrase is that, as human beings, we are so resilient, we adapt to our circumstances. We take the pain and we learn to deal with it in the best… more »
  17/05/10 02:52:06 am , by admin   , 2329 views, Welcome,

Natural Disasters and Nuclear Testing

Far be it from me to be a conspiracy theorist or even one to listen to conspiracy theories. Yet, last year in Nepal I met a very interesting man who, at his own request and for his own safety, shall remain anonymous. He told me that in former years he… more »
  19/04/10 02:07:00 am , by admin   , 3420 views, Welcome,

URGENT EMERGENCY APPEAL - Kyekudo (Yushu) Earthquake

- From the Tibet Foundation - You may have already heard the sad news of the devastating earthquake (a 6.9 magnitude) this morning at 07.49 (23.49 GMT) in Yushu… more »
  16/04/10 02:23:42 pm , by admin   , 1986 views, Welcome,

Are Pharmaceutical Companies all about the money?

I am sorry for the delay in getting this next article out for everyone but I?ve been busy volunteering on the island of Madeira since the freak flood of the 20th February. On my last post, about the adverse effects of a vaccine called Gardasil, a… more »
  13/04/10 09:18:29 pm , by admin   , 2283 views, Welcome,

From the flowering Udumbara - whoever he or she may be ...

I received this email and thought it was beautiful … so, I’m sharing it. Dear Chinese Government, I am the voice you wish to silence. I am the one who exists in this lifetime, yet speaks from the spirit of ages. I am the one you should fe… more »
  04/12/10 04:36:00 pm , by admin   , 2184 views, Welcome,

Good Friday - The Spirit of Christ

Today sees the end of what is traditionally known as ?Good Friday.? In Christian tradition, Good Friday is the day the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is remembered, as is his resurrection. In many countries, it?s also tradition to reenact the Via… more »
  02/04/10 11:37:43 pm , by admin   , 1778 views, Welcome,

Madeira clean up puts the world to shame!

Ladies and Gentleman, if I ever had any doubts that I was living in the wrong place, let me tell you that over the last week and a half those doubts have been completely erased. Madeira may be a small island but heck, when it comes to getting its ass… more »
  09/03/10 10:57:02 am , by admin   , 2252 views, Welcome,

Another vaccine warning for young people and parents - Gardasil!

It?s bad enough not being fully active and able when you suffer any form of life debilitating condition. It?s even worse when you are (were) a healthy young person, with your whole live ahead of you, and a simple vaccine takes it all away from you.… more »
  16/02/10 01:54:03 pm , by admin   , 3092 views, Welcome,

Tibetan Losar (New Year)

Sunday the 14th February 2010 that traditionally marks St. Valentine?s day, this year will mark Losar; the Tibetan New Year. It will be the year 2137; the year of the Tiger of Iron. It is believed to be a time for renewal, for hope and for change;… more »
  10/02/10 04:57:31 pm , by admin   , 2331 views, Welcome,

Naturopathic and Homeopathic alternatives for the H1N1 Virus and Vaccine

Since I investigated and posted my research report with reference to the H1N1 vaccine and its effects, I felt it my responsibility to also research and post a report about Homeopathic and Natural remedies and their effects. Firstly, to understand how… more »
  02/01/10 05:06:58 pm , by admin   , 3181 views, Welcome,

The H1N1 Vaccine - Know it in detail!

As anyone who knows me or anyone who follows my posts knows, I am not a political person; what I do care about though are human beings, life in general, human rights and our safety. If the days and countless hours spent on this can help someone… more »
  01/30/10 06:59:26 pm , by admin   , 6421 views, Welcome,

We can make miracles happen!

As you all know, I have a lifelong friend who has cancer, the big C; the word everyone is afraid to mention and the ?condition? hardly anybody ever wants to openly talk about because half the world population doesn?t know how to deal with it;… more »
  29/01/10 11:52:47 am , by admin   , 2011 views, Welcome,

Sow the Seeds of Love

The world is not for those wise of mind but for those wise of heart. Although it may appear that the wise of mind rule, it is with the heart that we plant seeds of love and spread kindness to one another. Seasons come and seasons go and the growth of… more »
  30/12/09 11:56:08 am , by admin   , 1939 views, Welcome,

Lies, Lies, Lies ...

Throughout my whole life, I?ve found myself somehow blessed (or cursed) to be fitted with a kind of innate lie detector. Yet the older I get, the more attuned it seems to be. Every time I hear a lie ? even if it?s a little white one - it?s… more »
  28/11/09 12:00:40 pm , by admin   , 2629 views, Welcome,

Ode to a beautiful young woman

“?..the drug isn’t working as he had hoped (I will continue to take it) ? I have 3 - 6 months left……I know what you will say - and to some extent I agree with you - I am not giving up, but you can’t argue when the… more »
  18/11/09 12:10:44 am , by admin   , 1716 views, Welcome,

Where have all the good men gone?

I?ll see you in 6 months were the last parting words we said as we looked into each other?s eyes one last time; before we kissed and went our own separate ways at Dubai airport. I watched him as he walked off towards the boarding gate that took him… more »
  11/13/09 03:00:16 pm , by admin   , 1652 views, Welcome,

Where is Justice?

1.2 million Tibetans dead. 125,000 counted in exile by the 1996 census. 2,500 seek asylum every year. Thousands suffer malnutrition, depression, anxiety and persecution syndrome. Thousands never see their home or their families ever again. Thousands… more »
  12/11/09 12:48:23 pm , by admin   , 1849 views, Welcome,

Your help is Needed

As you all know, I spent 6 weeks in Nepal recently. It was a very heart-warming and moving experience for me. It’s one that I shall never forget and one that, health permitting, I hope to repeat in the near future. While I was there I met very… more »
  10/11/09 12:01:45 pm , by admin   , 1950 views, Welcome,

Back from Nepal!

It’s been a while I know… but I do have a good excuse. I spent 7 weeks away from modern technology. Now, although sometimes it was frustrating, most of the time it was absolute bliss! Just for the record, I spent 6 weeks in what I can… more »
  28/09/09 08:09:57 pm , by admin   , 1683 views, Welcome,

Ok, so you got me to do it ... at last!!!

Well folks, Those of you who know me well enough, know how much I love to dabble in photography. I don’t consider myself any good at it but … I have a good time trying and it’s fun! Over the last few weeks (since I got lazy) a… more »
  30/06/09 05:28:51 pm , by admin   , 3043 views, Welcome,

Still here!

Well folks, what can I say? My prediction for 2008 wasn’t wrong! It has been a hectic year so far. Unfortunately, there were some set-backs with the opening the Holistic retreat. The Italian government collpased. Then, there was a long wait… more »
  30/10/08 03:41:48 pm , by admin   , 2878 views, Welcome,


Hello and welcome to my new blog. It’s been an uphill struggle but with plenty of help from my hosting provider and especially Uncle Bj over at, I’ve finally brought my blog home! You will find old posts and new… more »
  17/01/08 05:12:05 pm , by admin   , 5632 views, Welcome,