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In an ever changing society, it is important to keep in touch with what is truly important in life. You are not what you own nor your position in society. You are a human being with a soul, like all others, walking along a path on this journey called life. Hopefully, this blog can be of some support. You do not have to struggle alone along this path.



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Don't want refugees? ... It's very simple ...


Beautiful peeps of the world. What I?m about to say today may offend the sensibilities of some, but this is not my intention. My intention is to, hopefully, awaken you to see events taking place in the world in a different light. I would like you to keep an open mind and ask yourself: ?What if?? - what if there is a small chance that what I am saying is of any relevance and truth. I am trying to appeal to your sense of humanity and not to the individualistic nature we have been brainwashed into adopting as ?supposedly? different nations, races and cultures.

I keep saying the same old thing over and over again - that, as human beings who inhabit this earth, we are all the same. We laugh and cry the same. We are made of the same flesh and blood. On the whole, we aspire to the same things and we all want to live in a world where we have a home, where we can provide for our families and, hopefully, for those who have children, live long enough to walk them down the aisle.

Just because our skin colour is different and just because we have different beliefs, doesn?t mean we are not the same. Since a young age, we have been conditioned into believing a set of concepts that others before us decided to adopt as a way of life. We have been programmed to follow a set of rules that a minority of ?others? decided we should follow to keep peace and order.

We are taught who to like and who to dislike in accordance with the people around us and what they believe. For decades the media has dictated what we should have, how we should dress and behave. The huge corporations sponsoring the media tell us how to think, feel, where to spend our money and what to say to be considered ?politically correct? and an asset to them.

Considering we are 7 billion people on this beautiful planet, it?s shameful that very few of us can see through this bullshit, which brings me to why I am writing this article.

As many people around the world, over the last couple of decades or more and especially this last week, I have been very upset, horrified and driven to tears by what is happening to our fellow brother and sister human beings in war torn countries. From Iraq to Syria, Palestine to Libya, Egypt to Tunisia. Aside from the rich Islamic nations such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the likes of, no other Islamic country has had any real peace for decades.

Please do not be patronising and say that these countries asked for it. Nor, that they brought it upon themselves. Neither statement would be true.

There is enough evidence now in circulation to support the fact that 9/11, which sparked all these wars, was a false flag. It was the perfectly scripted, public relation exercise, that was used as an excuse to cause enough public outrage, hatred and discriminatory motivation, to justify wars on Islamic countries - wars that were only a front to gain possession of what precious little oil reserves remain on this planet and control strategic shipping areas around the Mediterranean. In fact, the US and the UN now control nearly all of the coastal areas in the Mediterranean. I?m sure that what they haven?t gotten with force, they?ve probably bought, bribed and, literally, stolen.

All you have to do is look at a map to see what I?m saying.

As if that isn?t enough, though, the west decided to invent ISIS. All you have to do is look at their brand new UN issue Toyota trucks (imported through Gibraltar) to realise this goes far beyond a bunch of idealists. I?m still dumbfounded at how the general public can believe that a bunch of outback fighters could fund themselves, train themselves and have all the latest in every weapon on a farmer?s salary. Have you never asked yourself why ISIS hasn?t been stopped. It?s not that there aren?t enough resources to do so around the world.

Think about it. Supposedly, no country wants terrorism. Yet, no country is truly united in the fight against terrorism. Why? Why is ISIS allowed to continue when Sadam Hussain and Kernel Gaddafi, who was actually doing something good for Africa as a nation (but that's a whole different essay), were eliminated.

Why is it a whole string of witnesses to the fake flag of 9/11 mysteriously die and yet, we, as a united world can?t stop a handful (in comparison to 7 billion) of idealistic fanatics? - Why? - Because the imminent threat of ISIS created by a series of publicists and media sensationalism has YOU running scared and demanding action from your government. You are being manipulated into judging all Muslims as terrorists when, in fact, the majority are just people like you and me who want a peaceful life.

Have you ever noticed how ISIS?s strategies, their tactics and their training is outstanding - it?s all military precision. It?s precision that only comes from the best military minds around the world. Those, for our worst sins, can be found in the US, in the UK, France and Germany. Coincidentally, these are, in fact, also the countries who benefitted the most from all the wars. They are the ones, for example, who immediately took over the oil reserves in Iraq and in Libya.

You may think that none of this benefits you, the general public, but it does and in ways you could never imagine. We, as a people, need to face the fact that our consumerism has gotten so out of hand that oil reserves are almost depleted. Have you ever asked yourself why, all of a sudden we are seeing more and more electric cars and hybrids and devices that don?t require fuel. The answer is simple. Governments and big corporations know oil is at an all time low but they need to keep you, the consumer quiet and happy and in the luxury we?ve all become accustomed to with our ipads, iphones and EVERYTHING that makes your life easier.

Just recently, we?ve all seen the tragic photographs of children and adults alike being washed up on various shores around the world.

I have silently watched as the Facebook divide grows bigger between those who believe refugees should be given safe passage and those who claim they just invade countries for benefits and housing and sucking the system for everything they can get.

I don?t mean to rain on anyone?s parade here, and I am by no means a mind reader or even the brightest crayon in the box, but, I don?t believe for one minute that these people would go through what they go through and risk their lives and the lives of their children for dole money. Call me naive and say what you like ... but ... children are sacred in any country and to almost all families. Of course, there are exceptions but no loving parent would attach their child to the bottom of a moving truck or put them in a tiny cargo unit, at sea, and risk their child?s life for housing benefit.

I think there is a very important point being missed here. The refugees who are pouring into EU now are people just like you and me. They had their home, their job, their life. It was taken away from them by the greedy ?elite? few who orchestrate world events. They didn?t ask for this. I?m guessing that the majority didn?t even want to leave their homeland because just as you?re nationalistic, guess what, so are they. It?s seems to be a general popular trend to be able to identify with your country, your culture, your people. What makes you think that any EU country is better than theirs?

I?m sorry but this isn?t a time to be pointing fingers at people who are just trying to stay alive amidst war and famine that is destroying their world.

This is a time to be pointing fingers at ourselves. We need to think hard and carefully about how our actions, and decisions, affect the lives of others. Who did you vote for? Whoever it was, they pushed the war buttons. They are the reason there are refugees. They are puppets in the hands of the elite few corporations who control practically ALL of the economy on a global scale.

When you buy, who do you purchase from? What do you purchase and how much of it do you purchase? Have you ever stopped to think about why the oil reserves are almost depleted? Do you know it takes oil to manufacture EVERYTHING we consume.

If you don?t want refugees, it?s very simple - stop living as if you?re the only person who exists on this planet.
Be considerate, be moderate, demand change and be that change you want to see.

  09/07/15 06:47:00 am , by admin   , 5309 views, Welcome,

Why do people go to Psychics? Mediums and Tarot Readers?


When people seek divination, it?s usually because they?ve reached the end of their tether and have nowhere else to go and no-one else to turn to. Or, perhaps they do have somewhere and someone to turn to but they just don?t trust their opinions; not because they?re not valid but simply because they will not consciously listen to any opinion that doesn?t resonate with what they want to hear. Yet, they don?t quite rightfully know what they want to hear. They?re engaging in attention seeking for the sake of being the centre of attention. They?re not actively engaging with the advice being given. Hence, they blame the whole world for being incompetent when, in fact, they?re not taking responsibility for themselves, their actions and the situations they find themselves in.

The type of people who seek out psychics are usually at a point in their life when they?ve reached emotionally instability. Their mind is so much all over the place that they have difficulty seeing the wood for the trees; so to speak. They?re agitated, somewhat hyper. They can?t focus properly and get distracted very easily. They flit from one scenario to the next for their lack of ability to deal with an issue and resolve it there and then. They?re going through some kind of anxiety and nervous stress.

A psychic, a medium, a tarot reader might tell a client a truth, in accordance with what the cards or the intuition is, but most of the time the client doesn?t want to hear the truth. The truth is unbearable and too difficult to deal with. If a person hears the truth, it means they have to face it and take responsibility for it. Yet, isn?t that why a client is seeking a psychic in the first place, to turn away from the responsibility of making decisions for themselves?

Also, in a popular culture, where people have been led to believe the impossible is possible, there is a tendency to turn to divination in search of miracles. A person seeking a reading will have other the top expectations both of the reading and the person doing the reading. When those expectations aren?t met, they?ll simply blame the tarot cards or the email method of response or the psychic or the medium. That?s when they?ll accuse them of being a charlatan and claim one method doesn?t work over another.

People should be aware that all divination is based on intuition. Intuition is intuition no matter whether it?s written, verbal, comes with a pretty set of picture cards or a set of stones with funny symbols on them. It?s not infallible but it?s also not fake. What makes it volatile is the clients own choices.

For example, I can say to a friend: ?Please don?t drive your car today, I have a feeling something will happen.? The choice to drive that car is entirely up to my friend. My friend chooses, or not, to believe in my words. My responsibility is to deliver them. It is then their responsibility to pay attention to them or not. Nobody can force anybody to listen or obey; unless you?re in the army and have to follow orders. Every decision we make is entirely a product of our freewill.

What amazes me is, why people would choose to spend money on a professional psychic, tarot reader or medium when they?ve already hot-wired themselves not to believe anything being said. That is lunacy! It?s also a little narrow minded. The client has closed himself/herself off before they?ve even started. It?s crazy! I?m sure that clients work as hard as any one of us to earn their money, so why would they sabotage themselves in such a manner?

After all, money doesn?t grow on trees and it?s as if they?re taking it, putting it in an ashtray and burning it. If you?re going to PAY for advice, at least consider it, take it on board, mull over it, be open to receiving it.

Maybe, in today?s society of waste, we?ve just become too accustomed to having everything too easily and too readily to appreciate any of it. That?s why we reject so much of it and throw it out. That?s also lunacy!

We?ve become a society that gives value to things instead of people. We place value on appearance rather than content. Our priorities are completely screwed up and we accuse people, who are just human beings trying to make a living, of not being all they?re cracked up to be just because they don?t fit with our model of how they should be.

However, for every bad person in the world there is a good counterpart somewhere. The law of Karma also states that what goes around, comes around tenfold. The universe will balance things out eventually.

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I don?t consider myself to be a religious person. I was brought up a Catholic and I was lead to believe that catholicism is the only right way in this world. Then, through family ties, I encountered Islam, that also claimed to be the only way of this world.

Years later, I was introduced to Jehovah?s witnesses, when they knocked at our family door once, and, unsurprisingly enough, they claimed their religion was the only way to go.

When I worked in China, I found that people still pray to an infinite number of Gods - just like our ancestors throughout history in ancient Greece and Latin Rome. Heck, my name even comes from a Greek and Roman Goddess. Read any kind of European mythology and you will find numerous Gods in every country.

Over the last few years, I have had the pleasure of conversing with great Rabbis from the United States and Israel and, low and behold, they believe their religion is the salvation of human beings.

I?ve read the Torah, the Vedic Scriptures from India, the Holy Bible, the Holy Qur?an, the Japanese Bushinko, the Egyptian and Tibetan books of the Dead. I?ve read about the Bonn religion, Russian and Greek orthodox religions and Hinduism. I?ve studied Shamanism and Buddhism and I could mention many more.

Yet, in 2009, I converted to Buddhism, not because I was seeking a religion. I?m openly, and honestly, not good at following any set of religious rules and rituals. I?m not even capable of having, or following, ritualistic patterns in my everyday life, let alone my spiritual one. I never get out of bed at the same time daily. I never eat at regular meal times and the list could go on. I guess I just don?t have enough self-discipline in that area, or perhaps deep down I feel it?s all a waste of time.

In all honesty, I probably make a terrible Buddhist. I don?t follow any kind of formalised, or institutionalised indoctrination and I don?t pray conventionally. I don?t chant properly or frequently enough. My meditation practice is falling a little by the wayside and I?ve probably broken a few of the vows I took when I converted.

Yet, I don?t go out of my way to harm people or other living beings. I don?t go out of my way to harm the environment we live in. In fact, the three main Buddhist principles I try and follow every single day of my life are: love, kindness and compassion towards other living beings even though it?s not always easy. I?ve always said that mosquitoes will be the reason I?ll stay in Samsara for all eternity and my thoughts of wanting to slap around a few high-maintenance, pretentiously demanding, and thoughtless tourists on holiday is very very remote from being a good Buddhist.

None the less, I don?t go around slapping people every time I feel like I want to. On the contrary, every day of my life, I still try to make a tiny little difference in someone else?s life and do something to avoid harming the natural world we live in. Sadly, mosquitoes are excluded from this conversation.

The atheists among you would argue that you don?t need to be religious to be kind and you?d be absolutely right. Religion doesn?t teach us to be kind. Your parents, your education, the very foundations of your moral and ethical being teach you to be kind. You don?t have to be religious to be a kind person.

We can argue that you don?t need a God to tell you to be compassionate, which is absolutely correct. You can learn to be compassionate from a friend, a relative, from doing volunteer work, from empathising with people in circumstances different, or less fortunate than your own. You certainly don?t need a supreme being to show you how to be loving.

In fact, my strong belief is that we?re already, naturally, creatures of love. We were born from an act of love and anyone who has ever done something nice for someone else will also know how good it feels to see someone happy thanks to something we?ve done. It?s the most satisfying feeling in the world.

However, I do understand that many people in the world find these qualities difficult and need guidance to adhere to them. If that guidance comes from their God, and makes them happy and better people, then so be it. Who am I to say it?s wrong. I fully understand that a lot of people need a supreme being to believe in for their own peace of mind when things go wrong, when they need help and when there is nothing in their lives but despair. 

I completely comprehend the need many people have to believe in supernatural powers that can save them. For many, faith is all there is and why should that be wrong? As long as it harms no others in the process.

My personal reasons for converting to Buddhism were:

I?m not capable of being an Atheist. I believe that, in whatever form and with whatever name anyone wishes to call it, there is a very powerful energetic source of all creation out there. Ever since studying physics back in college and metaphysics during my university days, I?ve adhered to the philosophy that the beginning of all things is energy and that energy, by its very nature can be magnified, reduced and transformed but it can never be destroyed. 

Since all energy is derived from atoms, protons, electrons and neutrons, which are particles that form the basic composition of everything. We are no more than a bundle of unified energy on two legs. Of course, this is only the opinion of a ranting woman. I don?t expect anyone else to agree with me.

For the first time in my life, during any religious gathering, or retreat in this case, I heard a Buddhist monk, who I now love dearly and who I consider to be my heart teacher, say: ?Buddhism respects all religions, beliefs and cultures.? His words resonated so deeply within me, that I knew I was in the right place and among my kind of people. 

In fact, in all the time I?ve spent in India and Nepal, among Tibetan people and those who have chosen the path of Buddhism, I?ve never heard a bad word said against any religion.

The point of saying all this though, is not to convert anyone to Buddhism nor convince anyone that Buddhism is the way to go. Not at all.

My point is, if one major religion of the world, like Buddhism, can accept and respect all other religions and ideologies, why the hell can?t all the other religions? and yes, surprisingly enough, Buddhism is one of the major religions since studies estimate that close to1 billion people practice it on a global scale. 

Is a question of arrogance and pride? Is it because each religion wants to be right about its ideology and beliefs? Or, can it simply be a question of what it?s always been about; politics, manipulation and control. Secular powers preying on the beliefs of human being based on existential insecurities.

I?ll address, more in depth, what I mean in my next article - Religious Ideologies.

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Being in a wheelchair


Ever since I was of an age to really understand, I?ve always had the utmost respect for people in wheelchairs. I?ve sympathised with their predicament but I don?t think I?ve ever fully understood it until now.

In 1996 or 1997, one of my University residential course investigations was about the attitudes people have towards those in wheelchairs. Six of us aspiring psychology graduates, back in 1996 or 1997 took to the streets of Brighton to investigate whether people, in general, give those in wheelchairs due respect or if they talk to the person pushing the wheelchair.

We set the investigation up in such a way that we had a person in a wheelchair and another acting as a carer; pushing the wheelchair. The rest of us strategically positioned ourselves, at various angles, to observe people?s behaviours as they were approached by our colleagues. We each took it in turns to be in the wheelchair, as well, so we could get a real sense of what it was like in the firing line so to speak.

As part of the investigation we got the person in the wheelchair to stop people at random and ask them for directions or information. What we found was that 7 out of 10 people would respond to the carer and not the person in the wheelchair. It was shocking and appalling to say the least. We also found that when we pushed the wheelchair head on into people, in an accidental way, and without any direct contact that could cause any physical harm, the majority would look away or look at the carer. In each case, they ignored the person sat down.

From that day forward, I was always my awareness of the attitudes people had towards disability was somewhat enhanced. I actually found it quite heartbreaking on a lot of levels.

Just recently, my broken foot and having to totally rely on another person, for everything, has taught me that it?s one thing to be placed in a wheelchair for an hour or two and then be able to get up and walk away. Yet, it?s a whole different story when you are completely confined and unable to get up at any time.

Personally, I found there is nothing more frustrating than having a very strong mind, a cast iron will, a perfectly capable upper body and a lower limb that?s just not having any of it. It won?t move, it can?t move. It?s too painful to bend or stretch. It?s just there; dangling and doing nothing.

Every time I felt I just wanted to get up and walk across the room, the physical interfered and the mind, that wanted to scream, was forced to shut up. I might add here that it?s taken years of Meditation and a fair amount of Buddhist practice to learn to listen when I tell my mind to shut up. Mental silence is the only thing that has kept my sanity over the last 5 weeks. Well, that and painting, writing, working from home and catching up on so many things I?ve let go by the wayside for a long while.

From my 4 week experience of life on wheels, I?ve learned so much. Life in a wheelchair really does takes on a whole different perspective and I don?t just mean in one?s outlook. I mean, physically, mentally and emotionally. Everything changes. So much that we take for granted, as vertical bipeds becomes so difficult, virtually impossible or unbearable.

A few examples:

Getting in and out of a bath for a shower. Standing on one foot to have said shower. I?m not even going to go into the dangers of showering on foot. I?m sure you can imagine them. 

Cooking and washing dishes. In a wheelchair it?s quite difficult to reach any standard sink properly just to wash one?s hands let alone wash dishes. The same applies to cookers. I?m seriously thinking that standard kitchens are predominantly designed for bipeds and too high for proper wheelchair access. 

Shopping, which also means completely relying on someone to get the wheelchair in the car, drive to a shop, get the wheelchair out of the car, get things off shelves, (which are also not designed for people in wheelchairs), push a shopping trolley, bag all the shopping and carry it out of the shop back to the car where they then have to put the wheelchair back in the car and drive all the way home.

Now, I?m not saying this is the case with every person in a wheelchair but it may be the case a lot of the time. For a biped who?s use to just popping out to the local store when she?s run out of bread or fancies a bit of chocolate, there is nothing more frustrating than having to wait for a particular day and time that someone can go to the shop for you or take you there.

The only positive aspect to this is that one can quickly learn the art of shopping discipline. By that I mean how to make a proper shopping list, how not to forget anything and how to learn to do without, and find alternatives, when something runs out.

Going to a doctor or going for a hospital appointment. There?s the same old reliance on someone to get you there. Once you?re there, there?s the problem of parking, going up ramps, finding the ramps in the first place, getting into and out of lifts, especially when the lift is small and filled with bipeds who are faster than you and standing behind you. You could cut the air of angry frustration among some of them when you?re trying to maneuver out of their way and you?re taking a little more time than they would like. 

Generally, just being at home all day and all night at the mercy of the kindness of someone who will help you or take you out. Life seems to be very limiting, and confined, when you?re not able to drive yourself, get yourself on a bus or in a taxi.

In the few times that I?ve had the great pleasure of being able to go out, and trust me, after a while even a trip to the doctors feels like a major outing, I?ve had a mixture of reactions from people towards the wheelchair and I. Some people smiled at me sympathetically. Others had that curious: ?I wonder what?s up with her? look. Some looked a little disturbed by my being there and just a few kind souls wanted to help me, push me, get things off top shelves for me.I found there were still cases of people avoiding eye contact with me but, I?m not sure if that can be owing to the fact that we?ve become a cold, segregated society where we don?t generally tend to make eye contact or if, in fact, it was because of the wheelchair.

Surprisingly enough, or not, there were also a few times where people would almost fall over the wheelchair. Yes, I?m still boggled by that one but, let?s face it, there are people out there who are so wrapped up in their own little bubble that they haven?t got a clue what?s going on around them.

Over the last few days I?ve progressed out of the wheelchair and taken my first few steps with crutches. It?s an alleviating feeling to be upright again. I feel a sense of victory at finally moving my limbs. Yet, I noticed, for example, that my visionary field had adjusted its perspective to cope with my new situation. When I went into the kitchen, as an upright biped, I had a little difficulty viewing the correct depth and distance of the counter tops. My brain thought it was odd viewing the kitchen again from a taller point of view. It threw me off balance for a few moments.

Every time I stand now, I feel taller, which of course I am, compared to when I sit in the chair. It might seem like no big deal but it is to someone who has always considered herself a shorty. I still can?t drive yet, so my freedom is still limited, but I am able to slowly hobble out onto my balcony with my crutches and admire the sea, breathe in some fresh air and fill my soul with something other than four walls of concrete and a computer.

The great thing about all this is that I?ve had major time to reflect and admire how we as people have the capacity to adapt so rapidly to new situations when we go with the flow instead of fighting against the tide. When our mind is resolute and our will is strong, nothing can stop us from doing anything and no amount of change can break us.

If ever there was a time I was grateful for my mind, (and everything in it) and this body and its capabilities, that time is definitely now. Don?t take what you have for granted. Appreciate it and look after it. After all, you don?t want to lose it.

To all of you out there in a wheelchair, you have my utmost respect and admiration!!! You truly rock!!!

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Why do we auto-destruct?


So, someone asks why we continue to carry out repetitive destructive behaviour even when we are pretty well informed about the negative effects this behaviour can have on our lives and especially when we know this behaviour can compromise our health. My reply ...

Sadly, in today?s society, many people choose to turn away from ?reality? as it is. Too much knowledge can be just as dangerous as not enough.

Unfortunately, it?s human nature to switch off to what we don?t want to hear because it?s too painful or because we don?t want to accept it as a truth or because, in some cases, the bad things become our comfort. We feel safe with them and as damaging as they are, we don?t want to let go of them. Nor do we wish to deprive ourselves of them because we?d feel cheated of something or, perhaps, neglected.

In today?s society, everything has become so readily available and so easily obtainable that we don?t like to deny ourselves anything. Maybe the blame here should lay with clever media marketing techniques that make people believe they?re inferior if something is lacking in their lives. It?s become common practice to look at what we don?t have instead of appreciating, and be grateful, for what we do have.

Having a society of content, grateful people doesn?t make good economics. Only people who feel they aren?t adequate enough will seek happiness and comfort in ?things? outside themselves. It?s a subtle form of manipulation, and control, to get people to buy things and to behave in certain ways.

When I say ?things? it could be anything that creates a temporary illusion of happiness. Temporary is the key word here, and this is why so many people continue with repetitive destructive behaviour in search of another fleeting moment of happiness.

Lasting happiness can only come from within. It can never be found outside one?s own self and nothing, and no-one, can ever be responsible for the creation of it. Yet, we continue to pass up on this responsibility and seek comfort elsewhere; like food. Its aromas and flavours remind us of people, places, events. It could be anything from a full Sunday roast with loving granny and grandpa, with whom we felt safe and loved, to an ice-cream on the pier, as a child, when the family was having a blissful day out. For a child, there are no cares in the world, no responsibilities. Everything is easy. There are no life decisions to be made.

Hence, the repetition of destructive behaviour that takes us back, consciously or unconsciously, to a carefree time in our life makes us escape for a while from the harsh reality of being an adult. I?m not saying that every case is the same because every individual is unique but it?s definitely something to consider.

Treat yourselves kindly dear ones. One global love

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