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Founded in 2000.Changsha weichuang chemical co.ltd, is a professional mondern chemical manufacturer and supplier of Sodium Metabisulfite(SMBS), Sodium Thiosulphate(Sodium Thiosulfate), Sodium Sulphite and Ferrous Carbonate etc.

which consists of two plants: No.1 chemical plant and No .2 chemical plant, occupying 28000 square meter, with fixed assets of RMB12 million and 210 employees.

We enjoyed a good location, the plants are closely to JINGGUANG railroad and JINGZHU highway.

It only takes1 hour from the factory to Xinggang port of Changsha and 10 hours to Huangpu port of Guangzhou.

Meanwhile, Weichuang Chemical are specialized in the local resource chemicals such as soda ash, ammonium chloride and sodium bicarbonate etc.

We devoted to the survival by quality and development by reliability.

After years of production, we have earned a mature production craft and excellent managed systems.

Equipped with modern technology and trained technicist and work teams ensured the quality and stable product.

Our main market is exporting,second is civil sale.

With the stable and reliable quality, product has enjoyed a good reputation of over ten countries and regions like the USA, Europe, Canada,Japan, South Korea. All the staff of the Company and welcome friends from home and abroad to visit here.

We guarantee that we will meet your needs with excellent products, reasonable price.

cooperation honest and mutually benefit to create the bright future.

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