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The price of sodium metabisulfite continued to rise this week (2.28-3.4)

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Domestic sodium metabisulfite price trend chart

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Domestic sodium metabisulfite prices rose slightly this week. The average price of industrial-grade sodium metabisulfite at the beginning of the week was CNY2,583.33 per ton, and the average price at the end of the week was CNY2,683.33 per ton, up 3.87% during the week.

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Supported by the continuous rebound of upstream raw material costs, some enterprises have slightly increased the ex-factory price of sodium metabisulfite into March, driving the domestic sodium metabisulfite market price upward slightly this week, the domestic industrial grade sodium metabisulfite market price range of CNY 2500-2900/ton this week, with most prices concentrated around CNY 2600/ton. Most of the prices were concentrated around CNY2,600/ton. Enterprises mainly completed orders from old customers. (The above prices refer to the domestic mainstream enterprises external quotations, part of the unreported enterprises are not in its scope, the price is for reference only and has nothing to do with the final pricing of manufacturers, please contact the manufacturers for details).

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Since the Spring Festival, domestic soda ash prices have risen sharply by 20%, sulfur prices have risen sharply by 11.63%, raw material prices continue to rise, the cost will play a certain support for the market price of sodium metabisulfite.

Post-market forecast

We believe that the cost and demand for dual support, the short-term domestic sodium metabisulfite market prices will continue to run in a stable and strong.

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