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Application of sodium thiosulfate in aquaculture (detailed version)

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Sodium thiosulfate, also called hypo, is very widely used in aquaculture.

1. Water purification
Sodium thiosulfate has the ability of adsorption and complexation, used in pond water purification, it can adsorb various suspended substances distributed in the pond water and improve the transparency of the water body. So it has a good water purification effect.

2. Cooling of pond bottom
Sodium thiosulfate itself is a strong reducing agent, when dissolved in water, it needs to adsorb a lot of heat, so it can be used to cool the bottom of the pond during high temperature, and the cooling effect is still relatively obvious.

3. Detoxification and degradation of heavy metals
Sodium thiosulfate can lift the residual chlorine, organic phosphorus, cyanide and other toxins inside the pond water, and can also degrade the toxins of heavy metals.

Sodium thiosulfate is currently used in aquaculture, mainly in detoxification and degradation of heavy metals.

But although sodium thiosulfate has so many magical effects, but because of its relatively strong reducing properties, so the use of the process is very oxygen-consuming, if used improperly can easily lead to hypoxia and even the death of a large number of farmed fish.

Sodium thiosulfate use precautions.
1. Can not be used in hot and muggy weather
2. Can not be used in rainy days
3. Can not be used in the pond in the case of late oxygen deficiency

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